Sales Boost for Amazon retailers

You have placed products on Amazon, but generate too few sales?

Your problem:
Lack of visibility

Your products will not be seen and so will not be bought.

The reason is the vicious circle of Amazon:

A strong ranking leads to many sales, many sales in turn lead to a strong ranking.

Our solution:
Placement in our product guide

By placing your product in one of our guides, you will reach exactly your target group and break the vicious circle of Amazon.

You generate hot traffic from visitors who are about to buy.

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Your Benefits?

You reach out to high-targeted customer
Higher conversion rate
Better position in Amazon listing
Faster and cheaper than Ads
Direct boost in traffic

By placing the product, you not only generate new customers and more sales, but also ensure many sales at the same time. This way, you can become part of the Amazon circuit yourself and gain the majority of prospects in your product category on Amazon.

Our positioning:

Over 2500 competent, independent product comparisons and product reports
Target group with high conversion rate: mothers and parents-to-be
Pregnancy, children and babies topics

Facts for 01/2021 to 10/2021:

Over 5 mio clicks on our websites
Over 140 mio impressions
Over 87.000 generated sales

The best time: you reach your customer immediately before the purchase

If your target group fits these topics, we offer you to place your product in our guide. This way you generate sustainable new sales, increase your Amazon ranking and watch your sales grow.

Advertising opportunities

Placement in one of our guides

from 180 Euro/month with a duration of 6 months till 12 months
from 160 Euro/month with a duration of 12 months or longer

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Brand Placement in the Elternkompass-Blog

from 250 Euro/month with a duration of 6 months till 12 months
from 230/month with a duration of 12 month or longer

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Send us, after consultation, gladly your product and we will test it in detail and publish a product report.

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